Iphone Vs BB

17 Aug

Well, no point debating which is better…..we ALL know there is only ONE answer to that. Yes, the Iphone BUT… I’m lucky enough to have both, however, I think I prefer my BB…so, today… here are a few MUST – HAVE applications for your Blackberry.

Caller ID – fantastic application that  reads your incoming caller’s names aloud and can also help you screen your calls!

WhatsApp – this is probably my favourite application. It does rely on your internet data service but is free. It is Iphone and BB compatible. Basically you can send a million messages a day to your friends for FREE…..doesn’t matter where you are in the world. If you are in China and your friend is in Canada, you can message 24/7 free.

Colour ID – this is an awesome application, basic and simple. If you have your phone on silent then obviously Caller ID won’t call out your incoming call. However, this application is perfect if you have silenced your cell. You can change the names of family/friends to a certain colour. For example; if mum calls, you can have your ID flash ‘yellow’… if your other half calls, you can have it flash ‘red’. Great!

You can find all these and MORE over at BB World


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