LuLu Hypermarket

17 Aug

LuluHypermarkets are the latest multidimensional and multinational EMKE Group of the retail industry today!

There are more than 70 stores in the Gulf Region and we are blessed to have it in Kuwait!

In the last week, I have become a regular Lulu customer.

I am amazed at the variety of food I can find there and how cheap it is too. They have food from Britain, The States, New Zealand, Austrailia, France… you name it, they have it! They even have real beef sausages from New Zealand…finally, we can have proper hot dogs!

What I love about Lulu is that it offers all conceivable needs under one roof…if I want cheese, I can get it there… if I want a radio..I can get it there… if I want a pair of shoes, I can even get them there! And as for the quality, it’s fantastic!

LuluHypermarkets can be found in Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain and Yemen and will soon be seen in Saudi Arabia too.

God Bless Lulu Hypermarket! I really can’t explain to you how great it really is!

All we need now is a Primark!


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