Events in Kuwait

17 Nov

This caught my eye on facebook…

AYMSTRONG. So, this is a course.In the end you will become certified in Fitness Training & Fitness Nutrition from the International Sports and Sciences Association in Kuwait.

I found the following info over at their website

Course Date: From the 21st of November to the 30th of December.

Course Period: Six Weeks

Study Process: The study process of this course will be a total of six Workshops held weekly to facilitate your education process.

Please note that the weekly workshops will educate you in depth for the Fitness Nutrition course ONLY, not both courses.

Facilitators of the course:


Nutritionists Sara Al-Kandari, and Dalal Al-Nukhailan. Dr.Yasmin Abdulghafor, and Trainer: Yousef Al-Qanai.


Participation in one course: (Regular Price: 350 KD / Students Price: 299)

Participation in both courses: (Regular Price: 700 KD–>Current Price: 570 / Students Price: 499 KD)


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