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TopGuest App for Iphone!

25 Nov

Just thought I’d let you all know about another iPhone app that is fantastic!!

Topguest combines social media and traveling for the roaming nomad. When you create an account on Topguest, you also choose to connect to any number of location-based social media services. This includes Foursquare, Gowalla, Loopt, Brightkite, Yelp and Google Latitude. Topguest then flags check-ins at certain places and shows you how far away you are from gaining a reward.

You can download it here, this is the main company website.

iPhone adds Keyboard

21 Nov

Another cool little invention for the iPhone…one of the main reasons I won’t get one is, being a girl with long nails makes using the touchscreen really difficult!

Well, here’s a solution!


Battery power issue solved in smartphones!

20 Nov

Two designers, Cho Sinhyung and Jeon Jungjae have come up with an idea that could actually work, the ‘Second Life Mobile Phone’. It will have all of the capabilities you expect from a smartphone, but the sleek transparent cell will have two display modes basically, colour and black and white…
When high graphic quality is required, the AMOLED screen will be operating at full force; when in standby or for simpler tasks, the display will become a monochrome E-ink projection as a lighter load on your phone’s juice. As the ‘Second Life Mobile Phone’s’ battery dies, the display will gradually become as see-through as the glossy cellphone itself.
Cool ? or not ?
I think cool.


Upgrading is fun! not!

16 Nov

SO, have been trying to upgrade all night 😦

It’s taking a bit longer than expected.

Guys, I thought this was easy! hint hint and hint hint !

So, I clicked upgrade, entered all my details in etc. etc. it tells me the billing address is wrong – so… try again.. still tells me it’s wrong… try again, expiration date on card – wrong …….. BUT, all the details I was enterting were correct!! Soo…anyway, I gave up.

Checked online banking and WTF : wordpress charged me TWICE to upgrade..but I had no change on the blog.. trying to sort it out and inshallah that happens soon!!

Gadgets Galore

11 Nov

Gadgets, gadgets, gadgets…where would men be without their ‘toys’?

For those that are TryingtobeFahad you’ll love this one!

The Adidas miCoach uses heart rate zones to create varied, complete and personalized workouts—it’s essentially a more advanced and personalized Nike+ system. This little fitness gadget also gives you real-time feedback. You can sync miCoach Pacer to to analyze your stats and get coaching feedback online. This is priced at only 70 US Dollars which is great!





So, It’s the Nikon D5000 – need I say more?




And this next one, is for all you music lovers! I’m so hyped about this! I can’t describe to you the quality of sound that you get from it! I picked one up in the UK back in summer.

It’s the JVC-RV-NB50 KABOOM! If you love sporting a retro look, then this new iPod/iPhone speaker dock by JVC will really suit your style!


Mr Amazon is a genius for creating this next one, when I first saw it on Oprah, I was super excited! It’s Amazon’s EBook Reader, Kindle.

The fantastic thing about this is, when the Kindle first came out, it cost somewhere around 500 dollars, the price has dropped dramatically (which is surprising as it now comes equipped with wifi) to about 300 dollars.





It’s the blackberry playbook…nothing like the ipad but hey, give them a break, they are trying…



So, this year’s gadgets havent been up to much BUT…here’s what we’ve got to look forward to in 2011/2012…

Iphone 5!

3D Sony VAIO

The Verizon iPhone

2011 Nissan LEAF, an ambitious 5 door hatchback car that runs on electricity and purportedly can go 100 miles on a single charge. It will cost around $32,000!

and possibly…another world war..

We really are moving forward…………..scary eh?

Just think, 50years ago, TV’s were black and white.

You Blink, We Think – K.Town

5 Nov

Stumbled across this website

” is a division of WB Technologies, a leader in the IT industry for more than 10 years . We are one of the industry’s top computer and computer-product retailers in Kuwait. We offer a huge selection of products at very competitive prices. Whether you’re looking for the latest and most advanced notebook or desktop computers, high-definition monitors with the most brilliant life-like images, multimedia devices, printers, projectors,  MP3 players, media, computer hardware & software – you name it – we’ve got it right here. We’re the most complete online shopping experience in Kuwait.”

They have some pics of their store and it looks really nice, only downfall is that it’s located in Hawally 😦 Traffic mayhem city.

Tried uploading some pics of their offers but my laptop is playing up, will try later 🙂 Check out the site tho guys, really have some decent stuff on there! I even saw the Itunes gift card that EVERYONE has been looking for!



Waiting for White Iphone 4? You are in for a long wait…

28 Oct

Gadget fans who have been holding off getting an iPhone 4 because they want the white model are in for a very long wait – the device won’t be available until spring, Apple has confirmed. Boo hoo 😦


The white version was supposed to launch in June, at the same time as the black iPhone 4, but Apple cited manufacturing issues, and pushed the launch back to July. That deadline passed, with Apple stating that the handset would be available by the end of the year, but it has now been announced that the white iPhone 4 will not be available until early 2011.

Gutted. I really wanted a white one…

Zain Launches TV for Iphone

28 Oct

Finally! Zain have launched a service for the IPhone! Live TV!

Channels available are Al-Watan, Al-Watan Plus, Al-Rai, Kuwait Sports Channel, Gulf, and Rotana Channel collection.
To activate this service, just go their wesbite and you can activate it! Easy Peasy!

The service activation charge is only K.D. 3/- per month

Iphone just got Icy!

5 Oct

How cool would it be to charge your phone in a charger that looks like ice!!! These are actually made of premium crystal glass, these crystal chargers are each carefully handcrafted It takes several days to completely finish a beautifully clear and polished crystal dock. The charger also works with iPods too.

and now, for the best part, they come in different designs!

The Aurora Limited Edition is a fantastic price at 99kd and the others at 56kd which are just as cute! Let’s be honest! We ALL NEED ONE OF THESE! You can buy them here

iPad Vs Playbook

28 Sep

Well, firstly, one point goes to RIM Blackberry because they didn’t call it, the Berrypad, the Blackpad…or anything pad.

In my opinion, anything that is to be used possibly by a man should NOT have the word ‘pad’ in it.

Thank God, I’m glad I’ll be hearing, ‘honey, bring me my playbook’…much better than… ‘honey, bring me my pad’.