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I heart Ellie Goulding!

25 Nov

Do your thing

20 Nov

Tomorrow, I have a date with my cross trainer… I have an hour to do.

While running, jogging, walking, I’m going to listen to this

Enjoy 🙂

I still love Boyce Avenue

17 Nov

These guys are; The Killers, Snow Patrol and The Fray all rolled into one…

I love them more and more, every time I hear them.


MJ is Back with Akon!

16 Nov

It’s the most viewed video on youtube today and probably going to be the most played song on 99.7 this week…if you haven’t heard it…here’s MJ’s new song with AKON, ‘Hold my hand’.


Stand in the rain

16 Nov

This song is by Superchick.

It’s really beautiful.

It reminds us to find our inner strength and find the courage to get through.


T-Mobile:Welcome back

15 Nov

Zain, Viva and Wataniya need to see how the cellphone networks do it in the UK.

This is GOOD advertising!

Nasser Busaad(Oud)

13 Nov

This kid is fantastic! He’s so young and so talented, mashallah!

watching this reminded me of a great movie………August Rush

this kid tries to copy August Rush and does a fantastic job…


Fading Away

13 Nov

Lovin the new Rihanna Single…

Nobody’s Cryin

13 Nov

Ohhh yeah! He’s back!

10 Nov

Last night, James Blunt performed a worldwide LIVE set to promote his upcoming new album and it was broadcast LIVE on Youtube…

It was fantastic! I watched the whole show. I’m so glad he is back!

*Girls, have your tissues handy..his new ones are pretty emotional!*

This is the official new single ‘Stay The Night’ …

5 Things about him perhaps you didn’t know..

His actual name is James Hillier Blount

He was born 22 February 1974

Blunt was an officer in the Life Guards and served under NATO in Kosovo during the conflict there in 1999

As of 2009, Blunt’s primary residence is now Ibiza.

Blunt also owns a chalet in Switzerland.

On 14 November 2008, “Primavera in anticipo“, Laura Pausini new album, was released. The title track is a duet with Blunt. The album reached the Number 1 in Italy