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Battery power issue solved in smartphones!

20 Nov

Two designers, Cho Sinhyung and Jeon Jungjae have come up with an idea that could actually work, the ‘Second Life Mobile Phone’. It will have all of the capabilities you expect from a smartphone, but the sleek transparent cell will have two display modes basically, colour and black and white…
When high graphic quality is required, the AMOLED screen will be operating at full force; when in standby or for simpler tasks, the display will become a monochrome E-ink projection as a lighter load on your phone’s juice. As the ‘Second Life Mobile Phone’s’ battery dies, the display will gradually become as see-through as the glossy cellphone itself.
Cool ? or not ?
I think cool.


To VIVA or not to VIVA

17 Nov

VIVA have confirmed that they will be opening a branch at 360 Mall! Thank goodness! My internet is with VIVA and I’m really happy with it. I never have any problems, except for the recent ‘blocking’ of ‘family-friendly’ sites…but they confirmed that was not their fault and was a decision by a higher authority…

It’s got me thinking, my cellphone network is with Zain and well, I’m just not happy with them at all.

I’ve been a loyal customer to Zain for the last 5 years but really, perhaps it is time for a change.

I need to find out the offers with VIVA, if they offer any ‘freebies’ and get some feedback on their service… Anyone have any feedback for me? Goor or bad appreciated…

Upgrading is fun! not!

16 Nov

SO, have been trying to upgrade all night 😦

It’s taking a bit longer than expected.

Guys, I thought this was easy! hint hint and hint hint !

So, I clicked upgrade, entered all my details in etc. etc. it tells me the billing address is wrong – so… try again.. still tells me it’s wrong… try again, expiration date on card – wrong …….. BUT, all the details I was enterting were correct!! Soo…anyway, I gave up.

Checked online banking and WTF : wordpress charged me TWICE to upgrade..but I had no change on the blog.. trying to sort it out and inshallah that happens soon!!