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The Italian Riveira

21 Nov

This is the Italian Riveira, Portofino! Beautiful…truly, beautiful.

Good morning – John Legend

21 Nov

Winter is here and I need help…

19 Nov

Anyone know where in Kuwait I can find one of these?
It’s a built in fireplace…I actually want white, with stones and blue turquoise flames!

Countdown's funniest bloopers!

19 Nov



19 Nov

Thanks to Ansam for this!

I didn’t know whether to laugh or go ‘awwwwwh, how sweet’…

It reads: “Dearest Om Saleh, please come back home. I am praying to God to help me make it up to you for my behavior in the past few days. Your loving husband, Bu Saleh”.

Well, personally, if my husband did this…I think I’d kill him…things you’ll do for love tho eh?

Petula Clark – Downtown

18 Nov

One of my favs 🙂

America's Secret the P791

17 Nov

NOTE: It’s good to know this is what America is spending Tax Payers Money on…so here’s my question….what is it? LOL

A low level flying spaceship to carry cargo…..that’s the answer from the army ….aha. OK.