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To VIVA or not to VIVA

17 Nov

VIVA have confirmed that they will be opening a branch at 360 Mall! Thank goodness! My internet is with VIVA and I’m really happy with it. I never have any problems, except for the recent ‘blocking’ of ‘family-friendly’ sites…but they confirmed that was not their fault and was a decision by a higher authority…

It’s got me thinking, my cellphone network is with Zain and well, I’m just not happy with them at all.

I’ve been a loyal customer to Zain for the last 5 years but really, perhaps it is time for a change.

I need to find out the offers with VIVA, if they offer any ‘freebies’ and get some feedback on their service… Anyone have any feedback for me? Goor or bad appreciated…

T-Mobile:Welcome back

15 Nov

Zain, Viva and Wataniya need to see how the cellphone networks do it in the UK.

This is GOOD advertising!

Viva…sort it out

2 Nov

Why the hell are VIVA blocking out websites that aren’t even pornographic?! There is nothing wrong with them!!!

Tried to get on as sometimes they sell stuff there which is actually pretty decent, western expats selling stuff that has only been used once or twice because they are leaving.

This is just silly.


Update: Ok, pretty impressive, VIVA got back to me within 10minutes of posting this, with this………

”Dear Babble

Thanks for your interest in VIVA internet , we will check and get back to you shortly.

Best Regards
VIVA Online Team”


”Dear Babble Q8

we Have this Blocked by the ministry Of communications

Thanks again for using viva internet”

Now, here is my question. Why are the Ministry of Communications blocking websites that are actually helping others?

This particular website is one which is very useful to expats who have recently arrived in Kuwait. This website gives advice re: malls, locations of churches/mosques and other tourist attractions………MOC- WHY ARE YOU BLOCKING A FAMILY FRIENDLY WEBSITE?