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Special Thanks to p0ach

16 Nov

So, you all know I had a bit of trouble the last few days setting this up!!

Finally got it sorted with KFH and WordPress!

Anyway, thanks to everyone that helped and to pOach for putting up with my endless messages asking for help!


Upgrading is fun! not!

16 Nov

SO, have been trying to upgrade all night 😦

It’s taking a bit longer than expected.

Guys, I thought this was easy! hint hint and hint hint !

So, I clicked upgrade, entered all my details in etc. etc. it tells me the billing address is wrong – so… try again.. still tells me it’s wrong… try again, expiration date on card – wrong …….. BUT, all the details I was enterting were correct!! Soo…anyway, I gave up.

Checked online banking and WTF : wordpress charged me TWICE to upgrade..but I had no change on the blog.. trying to sort it out and inshallah that happens soon!!