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Trying to be like Fahad…but can’t.

14 Sep

For those that are #tryingtobefahad and can’t get like @Fahad_K there is a way to lose some weight!

The CoolSculpting system is the latest trend in the celebrity world for losing weight. It vaguely brings to mind those retro fat-jiggling machines that promised an easy way to lose weight

This technological piece is definitely more promising. Recently FDA-approved, the CoolSculpting system will essentially freeze away the fat.

A noninvasive procedure, the CoolSculpting system “kills fat cells under the skin by freezing them without damaging the skin itself, and once ‘dead’ the frostbitten fatty adipose tissue will then naturally be removed from the body VIA its metabolic processes. – Understand? No.

Ok, have a look at the before and after.

So, here’s the 100 million dinar question? Where can I get this done in Kuwait? 🙂