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Tom Cruise in Dubai!

28 Sep

Within the next few weeks, Dubai will be taken over with film crew and camera rolls.

The new Mission Impossible 4 is to be filmed in Dubai!

Preparations for filming in Dubai have been agreed with the production company, Paramount, following two months of meetings and location scouting.

The film will be directed by Brad Bird, known for pictures such as “The Incredibles” which grossed more than $261 million in box office takings in 2004, and “Ratatouille,” which won the Oscar for best animated film in 2007.

The only leaked actor is Tom Cruise so far…wonder who else will be showing up?!

Apple Ipottie gone mad

27 Sep

Ok, so we know that Apple have literally ‘taken over the world’ with their iphones, cars, laptops, ipods, ipads, and well, yes, now we have the iPottie…………………..they are just takin the piss -no pun intended 😉

Shrek the Fish – Oh dear…

3 Sep
Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. NYC. hdr

Imagine meeting this whilst having a swim in the ocean?
Would you laugh or scream? LOL
Gross, right?

This weird, Asian sheepshead just looks like a double for an animated ogre, Shrek. They reside in the shores just off Japan.

Imagine, this could be your sushi?


Movie Stinks

31 Aug
Cover of "50 First Dates (Widescreen Spec...

Best Adam Sandler movie....ever.

So, this year has been a really bad year for movies.. right? Don’t you think? I mean, what really has there been to watch that was actually ‘watchable’? Not much.

I love my Romcoms but where have they been?

When was the last time we had a half decent Action movie too?

We started off with ‘The Backup Plan’ … didn’t really live up to much, did it? But I suppose, the main role being Jennifer Lopez…and once wikipedia starts listing your occupation as a whole variety of things then you are just desperate; singer, actress, songwriter, fashion designer, perfume designer, interior designer… what else was up there? model?

Then we headed to ‘The Bounty Hunter’ … that movie just went on and on and on and on and on and on…………………….need I say more? No, didn’t think so.

And, as for Adam Sandler, god, what happened to you?

50 First Dates – hilarious

Mr Deeds – again, hilarious

Grown ups – my god,what a load of crap!

So, I’m wondering, what’s next? What will be the next BIG movie? When is it coming? Anytime soon……..I hope so.. 😦