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Chocolate Bar’s Cupcakes!

26 Aug
Buttercream cupcakes made in Cheshire by Katja...

my favorite!

My kids have eaten so much candy and I’ve actually been very good and only had a few candies!

I am, however, craving ….chocolate bar’s cupcakes.

Has anyone tried them? What do you think? Is it just me or are they absolutely incredible!

They are quite expensive but absolutely delicious!

I think I may have to pop by there tomorrow and grab a few…

The cream just melts in your mouth. They make them fresh, you have to wait about 20minutes for them…but definitely worth the wait..

My children are hyper!

26 Aug
Jujubes candy

The above leads to hyperactivity in my children...

So, every year, mid-ramadan we have Gurgian!

Gurgian is now finished and we have far too much candy in our house! I’m thinking we should take some down to the orphanage in Kuwait and give to the kids there..

Next year, I’m going to limit the amount that I let my kids eat………….

One is climbing the walls……..the other jumping over the sofa…….and the third is screaming at the TV…….definitely too much candy!

God help me.