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The harsh reality is we are to blame

21 Sep

This is an update on this post .

The Italian’s tried to tackle anorexia via an ad campaign using a naked billboard poster of a woman suffering from anorexia.

the harsh reality is this……..anorexia can kill you.

This is a heartbreaking video made by a sister who lost her sister due to anorexia……

I found a video from a young girl studying at Gresham College who has actually suffered from anorexia from the age of 12. She has some interesting views and some insight into the reasons behind anorexia and how she believe the media have much to do with the problem.

it’s also important to remember, men suffer from eating disorders too ……this video is shocking

If you need help, if you feel you are suffering, speak to someone, speak to a friend or even contact me….don’t suffer in silence.

The scary thing is there are thousands like him out there that if they don’t stop, they will die……

What’s even scarier is anorexia can affect pre-teens too. šŸ˜¦ reason? US… Mum’s are too blame. We complain in front of our children re: weight…….we weight ourselves in front of our girls, they think they should be doing the same.

We say things like, ‘Oh, I can’t eat that chocolate. I’ll get fat’. Your 4 year old WILL pick that up.

Please, be careful.

I’d kill for a pair of those Jimmy Chuggs

23 Aug

So any kind soul out there who has a pair and needs a tester….here I am.

But seriously folks, it’s coming to that Eid time of year again- we need to go and battle the shoppers and I just can’t be bothered. I’m thinking of recycling some flares from the 70s this year and chopping one arm off a flowery shirt, and creating a whole new image.

Here are the places to avoid over the next two week nights in Kuwait, unless you are prepared to fight for that parking space:

360 Mall- do we even need to say that?

Avenues- unless you want to drive around and around and around and STILL end up at the IKEA entrance

Al Bairaq- aint nothin’ goin’ on there matey

Souk Sharq- and then pop over to Al Balad revolving restaurant for a quick snack, try the coriander and garlic french fries.

There’s a guy works down the chip shop swears he’s Elvis

22 Aug
Fish and chips, a popular take-away food of th...

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So fish’n’chips has hit Kuwait- I remember a few years back there was one for a while near La Baguette in Salmiya- whatever happened it?

Anyway there are two places to head to this Ramadan for your chip buttie feast- Organica in Mangaf and Morning & Evening in Fahaheel-Ā  the former charging 5KD for a portion of fish and chips and the latter only 1KD800…….take your pick. Eating out at Organica will set you back a staggeringĀ  25KD for a family meal- better be some damned good batter for that price.

Wake up and smell the coffee

17 Aug

Which is your favourite coffee shop in Kuwait? We know which one you can find on every corner…..but quantity or quality? That’s the issue.One particular ”star” of the show always gives me terribubble stomach pains and I avoid it like the plague…

I noticed recently that in the after Iftar KTV1 soap, the husband and wife were meeting in Caribou Coffee, where they could sit comfortable by a faux fireplace and discuss their day.Caribou has certainly become popular but I’m stuck on Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. Although you can find them all over Kuwait now, their headquarters are in Los Angeles and believe it or not, the first one opened in 1968 andĀ  is still open today!

I love the decor too- plain and simple wood furnishings, make you feel cosy and at home.
They have free WiFi in most locations now, delicious coffee and friendly staff- try their scones with butter and jam- almost like the ones granny used to make… and a vantage card that they will stamp every time you buy a coffee.

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf has several cute holiday drinks too:

* Pumpkin Latte and Ice Blended
* Peppermint Latte and Ice Blended
* Chocolate Orange, Dark Chocolate Raspberry, and Dark Chocolate Peppermint

They also offer a limited edition Holiday Blend coffee and Winter Dream tea.

You can find their website here