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Diet Baby Food

14 Oct


Today, in lulu, I was browsing the baby food aisle………………………..yes, you guessed it, I spotted BABY DIET FOOD!!



Let your child eat fruit and veg and EXERCISE!!!!!!!!!!



10 Best Baby Foods

9 Oct

So, this is for all us ‘new mummies’….

We often wonder…ahh, what now, what next…what do I give him today?

Well, here are the 10 Best Baby Foods that your baby should/could be eating…

Squash – excellent source of vitamins A and C, is naturally sweet, and has a pleasing, creamy texture.

Lentils – Crammed with protein and fiber, lentils pack a powerful nutritional punch. They’re also one of the cheapest healthy foods you can buy.
Dark Green Leafy Veg – Leafy greens boast high amounts of iron and folate. While spinach is perhaps the best known of this group, there are many other varieties, including kale, chard, and collard greens.
Broccolli – Brimming with folate, fiber, and calcium, broccoli is also known for its cancer-fighting properties.
Blueberries – The deep, brilliant blue of these berries comes from flavonoids called anthocyanins, which are good for your baby’s eyes, brain, and even urinary tract.

Avocados – Avocados are a rich source of unsaturated fats, similiar to the fat in breastmilk, good for brain development.

Meat – Meat is a great source of zinc and iron

Prunes – Jammed with fibre and can be a life saver when our little ones are having trouble going to the bathroom!

Garbanzo Beans – Like lentils and other beans, garbanzos are rich in protein and fiber

Mandarin Oranges – High in antioxidants and a supreme finger food!

Cheese Sandwich with Potato Chips

8 Oct

Lunch was a quickie today.
Cheese and crisp sandwich…………it’s british, leave me alone. LOL
nothing better, heaven on a plate.

Better than expected…

29 Sep

So, I got my thumb ‘re-dressed’ today… fresh dressing, more iodine and some more pain-killers. It really isn’t as bad as I first thought.
Seems the blade sawed through most of my nail, the only concern the nurses seemed to have was whether the remaining nail would grow ‘straight up’ and ‘not down’…what that means – im not too sure.
Fingers crossed………
el7umdela I didn’t lose my thumb.
*for those that didn’t read the previous post, I can’t be bothered linking back but basically, I had a fight with a blender in my kitchen.*

I’m back!

27 Sep

Sorry guys, completely mad weekend! 

Kids sick and I had a fight with a blender.

All back to normal now though, well, almost. Typing with a bandaged thumb is proving quite difficult.

Just kill me now

11 Sep
Eid Mubarak

So, Eid ul-Fitr is almost over for another year.

I’ve eaten too much……………………visited too many people and quite honestly, just want to curl up into a wee ball and go sleep for a few days……………

Having a wee rest now and will blog later, inshallah 🙂

Shrek the Fish – Oh dear…

3 Sep
Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. NYC. hdr

Imagine meeting this whilst having a swim in the ocean?
Would you laugh or scream? LOL
Gross, right?

This weird, Asian sheepshead just looks like a double for an animated ogre, Shrek. They reside in the shores just off Japan.

Imagine, this could be your sushi?


Kid eats cat……………almost

2 Sep

Chocolate Bar’s Cupcakes!

26 Aug
Buttercream cupcakes made in Cheshire by Katja...

my favorite!

My kids have eaten so much candy and I’ve actually been very good and only had a few candies!

I am, however, craving ….chocolate bar’s cupcakes.

Has anyone tried them? What do you think? Is it just me or are they absolutely incredible!

They are quite expensive but absolutely delicious!

I think I may have to pop by there tomorrow and grab a few…

The cream just melts in your mouth. They make them fresh, you have to wait about 20minutes for them…but definitely worth the wait..

My children are hyper!

26 Aug
Jujubes candy

The above leads to hyperactivity in my children...

So, every year, mid-ramadan we have Gurgian!

Gurgian is now finished and we have far too much candy in our house! I’m thinking we should take some down to the orphanage in Kuwait and give to the kids there..

Next year, I’m going to limit the amount that I let my kids eat………….

One is climbing the walls……..the other jumping over the sofa…….and the third is screaming at the TV…….definitely too much candy!

God help me.