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iPad Vs Playbook

28 Sep

Well, firstly, one point goes to RIM Blackberry because they didn’t call it, the Berrypad, the Blackpad…or anything pad.

In my opinion, anything that is to be used possibly by a man should NOT have the word ‘pad’ in it.

Thank God, I’m glad I’ll be hearing, ‘honey, bring me my playbook’…much better than… ‘honey, bring me my pad’.

Nail polish for your Iphone!

2 Sep
iPhone 4G

So, it seems Electrozan in Kuwait are selling the new Iphone 4 16GB for 298kd and the 32GB for 339kd!

That’s a super price but did Apple ever fixed the arial problem? Wasn’t there something awhile back on television about the new iphone having a problem with signal? Someone actually told me, it’s ok, just put some nail polish on it and it will work…….. I LOL’d, of course. Anyway, I’m not sure about the answer regarding this, will check it out later..

Electrozan have some pretty good offers on TV’s too.. the Sony Bravia 32inch is only 129kd.

Really need to get a plasma sorted out for my bedroom for my ‘me’ time. Sick of watching ‘Desperate Housewives’ in my living room while my three boys are running wild in the house. Impossible to hear or watch anything. . .

you can check out more of the Electrozan offers here