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iPad Vs Playbook

28 Sep

Well, firstly, one point goes to RIM Blackberry because they didn’t call it, the Berrypad, the Blackpad…or anything pad.

In my opinion, anything that is to be used possibly by a man should NOT have the word ‘pad’ in it.

Thank God, I’m glad I’ll be hearing, ‘honey, bring me my playbook’…much better than… ‘honey, bring me my pad’.

Mini Keyboard for Iphone!

16 Sep

Are you bored of your iPhone’s touchscreen? Well, wow, guess what!  Yes, that’s right it’s the Mini Bluetooth Handheld Keyboard. This keyboard is compatible with all iPhones as well as Bluetooth-enabled laptops, PCs, PS3s and of course, iPads.

The Mini Bluetooth Handheld Keyboard has all the bells and whistles of a regular keyboard, just in a 31 gram package. It may take some getting used to, but I think this mini keyboard could be a viable option for people who just can’t stand touchscreens but LOVE their Iphone!

These can be bought anywhere! I found one on ebay, used 28.99 (stirling) which is about 14kd………