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Not just our tomatoes…there goes the Zubaidi too….

11 Oct

So, we aren’t only paying 800fils per kilo for tomatoes…our fish prices just soared too. When will this stop?

We are turning into the UK…soon Kuwait will be introducing tax.Look at the above picture, for those that don’t know the conversions…that’s around 2.2kd per kilo……..good aul harrods eh? Charging that much for French tomatoes………………LOL. Ridiculous.

Zubaidi is now sitting at about 12kd per kilo.

For goodness sake, it’s just fish!!!

So, we’re all to stop eating meat and ‘fruit’ (since Tomato is actually a fruit not a veg) and eat what exactly?

It’s green beans from here on in.

Perhaps we should all just try the baby diet………..pureed broccoli and potatoes.

You can read more about these price hiked here over at the Kuwait Times and another article, Zubaidi or Gold.


28 Sep
PAWS needs all the help it can get!  Please pass the message on!!

PAWS is the oldest animal rescue centre in Kuwait. Started in 2004 by a group of willing volunteers it has grown over the years and has in its 5 years rescued thousands of animals from the streets of Kuwait. PAWS is now facing its biggest crisis since it opened its doors to the sick, homeless and injured animals of Kuwait in 2005. Come this November we have been ordered to vacate the property we have as our shelter in Wafra and as yet we and our hundred plus animals have no new shelter to go to.

A piece of land has kindly been donated by Sheik Nawaf Al Sabah but having plans drawn up and a shelter approved is just the first step, we simply do not have enough money to build the new shelter.
Paws need your help, if you can donate in any way or offer your services, contact PAWS Kuwait for more information.
Thanks to Snow for bringing this topic to light!

I’m back!

27 Sep

Sorry guys, completely mad weekend! 

Kids sick and I had a fight with a blender.

All back to normal now though, well, almost. Typing with a bandaged thumb is proving quite difficult.

As seen in Vogue

15 Sep

In Japan, they are a symbol of ultimate feminity and in China, they represent eternal love… but to me, they represent, feminism, freedom and confidence.

I don’t know about you but I heart butterflies.

Van Cleef and Arpel have chosen every little girl’s favourite insect as the inspiration for the collection that they unveiled as part of Couture Week in Paris in January. The delightful Papillons pieces have taken hundreds of hours to create and are an ode to the delicate creatures that inspired them.

I think they are just beautiful, not that different from the ones we can find here for 12-20kd in the cute jewellery souqs. I bought quite a few when I got married in different colours but these are much, much nicer.

They also stock other jewellery. Their Bridal Collection is exceptionally beautiful………

So, where can I find this Boutique in Kuwait? Here comes the sad part, you can’t. There are 7 Boutiques in the Middle East and unfortunately, Kuwait isn’t one of them. UPDATE: They just opened up in Salhiya!!! 28/09/2010

As of today, there are 7 stores.


Burjuman mall
Tel: (971) 4 351 0001
DubaiMall, Doha Street, Dubai
Tel: (971) 4 339 8001

The other stores are in Abu Dhabi, Saudi, Bahrain and Lebanon.

You can find more information here

Al Jasmy and Ajram – 3rd Day of Eid

5 Sep

Nancy Ajram and Hussain Al-Jasmi will be here in Kuwait on the 3rd day of Eid.

September 11th, 2010

The concert will be held in Al-Rayya.

You can contact any of these three numbers for tickets:

Telelphone number are




FlyDubai adds another destination!

2 Sep
FlyDubai A6-FDB

Fly dubai is adding more routes!

From October 16th they will include russia, personally, I have no interest in ever going there but hey, another route, another destination and at a great price!

So where else do they fly to?

You can now flydubai to Aleppo, Alexandria, Amman, Assiut, Bahrain, Baku, Beirut, Colombo, Damascus, Djibouti, Doha, Erbil, Istanbul, Kabul, Karachi, Kathmandu, Khartoum, Kuwait, Latakia, Lucknow, Luxor and Muscat.

The fare you pay will be one way and tax-inclusive. You’ll just need to pay for the extras you choose.

So? How cheap is it?

I just priced 10th September, for one week.. return fare 26KD.


You can book flights here


28 Aug
Nails quevaal

AOL is reporting that a 50-year-old Sri Lankan woman who worked as a maid for a large family in Saudi Arabia for five months was allegedly tortured by some of the family members hammering nails into her body.

The woman, who flew back to Colombo, Sri Lanka, from Riyadh on Saturday night, was brought to the hospital by her concerned children Monday. X-rays showed there were 23 nails embedded in her body.

“Some of the nails were 2 inches long,” Dr. Prabath Gajadeera of Kamburupitiya Base Hospital told AOL News today. “Most of the nails were embedded in her arms and legs. She didn’t even realize how many were in there.”

How on earth can that happen?