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Movie Stinks

31 Aug
Cover of "50 First Dates (Widescreen Spec...

Best Adam Sandler movie....ever.

So, this year has been a really bad year for movies.. right? Don’t you think? I mean, what really has there been to watch that was actually ‘watchable’? Not much.

I love my Romcoms but where have they been?

When was the last time we had a half decent Action movie too?

We started off with ‘The Backup Plan’ … didn’t really live up to much, did it? But I suppose, the main role being Jennifer Lopez…and once wikipedia starts listing your occupation as a whole variety of things then you are just desperate; singer, actress, songwriter, fashion designer, perfume designer, interior designer… what else was up there? model?

Then we headed to ‘The Bounty Hunter’ … that movie just went on and on and on and on and on and on…………………….need I say more? No, didn’t think so.

And, as for Adam Sandler, god, what happened to you?

50 First Dates – hilarious

Mr Deeds – again, hilarious

Grown ups – my god,what a load of crap!

So, I’m wondering, what’s next? What will be the next BIG movie? When is it coming? Anytime soon……..I hope so.. 😦