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The Super Bowl

26 Nov

Black eyed peas have confirmed that they will be perfoming at ‘The Super Bowl’. The Grammy award-winning group will play at the championship game on 6 February at the Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

Let’s hope that fergie…well, uses the bathroom before she goes on stage this time.

and no, before you say, that ISN’T sweat.

Good morning – John Legend

21 Nov

The next Take That?

30 Oct

They are fantastic……….such cuties!!

All moms are going to just LOVE them. I do!

Oh dear…naughty boy.

17 Oct

Justin Bieber has ‘reportedly’ assaulted a 12 year old boy……..baby, baby, oh why…..
I hope they lock him up and we don’t have to be tortured with any more of his music..

In my arms

14 Oct

I will take you in my arms and hold you right where you belong…til the day my life is through, this, I promise you…

God this song reminds me of my teenage days…it will never get hold, such beautiful lyrics…

Actually, if I’d had that white wedding that I dreamed of, this probably would have been my…perfect first dance wedding song…

AND..this one is even nicer, in SPANISH!

and..if you can’t bear to listen to Nsync.. then here’s some Ronan for you oldies…

Miss Simpson on her way!

29 Sep

Miss Jessica Simpson is on her way to Kuwait. She will most likely arrive sometime tomorrow morning/lunchtime for those wishing to catch a glimpse. She will be performing for the troops at the camps, north and south.
Wish just once we could have a concert for us. Taxpayers money in the states are paying for her to fly here, first-class…good their money is going somewhere useful.
Thank God we don’t pay tax, eh?

Big wheels keep on turnin’

28 Sep

Just watched Sweet Home Alabama on MAX……..
I LOVE THIS SONG….. Get your dancing shoes on!! yeaaaaaaah!

Start your day with some Hotness……

19 Sep

Here ya go ladies 🙂

Start your day off with a bang.

*shakes and dances and falls*- ouch.

To all my ladies

18 Sep

Ladies, this is for you.

Thank you, MTV

13 Sep

So, during the advertisement of the biggest music awards of the year, the VMA’s, MTV played a video.

All I have to say is Thank You, MTV.

You can watch the video here