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28 Sep
PAWS needs all the help it can get!  Please pass the message on!!

PAWS is the oldest animal rescue centre in Kuwait. Started in 2004 by a group of willing volunteers it has grown over the years and has in its 5 years rescued thousands of animals from the streets of Kuwait. PAWS is now facing its biggest crisis since it opened its doors to the sick, homeless and injured animals of Kuwait in 2005. Come this November we have been ordered to vacate the property we have as our shelter in Wafra and as yet we and our hundred plus animals have no new shelter to go to.

A piece of land has kindly been donated by Sheik Nawaf Al Sabah but having plans drawn up and a shelter approved is just the first step, we simply do not have enough money to build the new shelter.
Paws need your help, if you can donate in any way or offer your services, contact PAWS Kuwait for more information.
Thanks to Snow for bringing this topic to light!

afternoon naps during ramadan

28 Aug
serious sleeping disorder.gif

Don’t you just love afternoon naps during ramadan. Around 1pm, I always decide to have a nap. The problem is: my naps turn into 4 hour sleeps 😦 and then I can’t sleep at night. Sucks to be me.I can’t help it, I totally heart my duvet and bed!