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The harsh reality is we are to blame

21 Sep

This is an update on this post .

The Italian’s tried to tackle anorexia via an ad campaign using a naked billboard poster of a woman suffering from anorexia.

the harsh reality is this……..anorexia can kill you.

This is a heartbreaking video made by a sister who lost her sister due to anorexia……

I found a video from a young girl studying at Gresham College who has actually suffered from anorexia from the age of 12. She has some interesting views and some insight into the reasons behind anorexia and how she believe the media have much to do with the problem.

it’s also important to remember, men suffer from eating disorders too ……this video is shocking

If you need help, if you feel you are suffering, speak to someone, speak to a friend or even contact me….don’t suffer in silence.

The scary thing is there are thousands like him out there that if they don’t stop, they will die……

What’s even scarier is anorexia can affect pre-teens too. 😦 reason? US… Mum’s are too blame. We complain in front of our children re: weight…….we weight ourselves in front of our girls, they think they should be doing the same.

We say things like, ‘Oh, I can’t eat that chocolate. I’ll get fat’. Your 4 year old WILL pick that up.

Please, be careful.