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Playstation Phone…oh no.

29 Oct

So, I know this is the next thing… my husband is going to come home and say, ‘Honey, I think I’ll get the new playstation phone…for goodness sake, stop inventing gadgets for men!! My house is coming down with stuff!! Where’s the Time Machine, could you hurry up and invent that?

Dell Swivels

15 Sep

Dell have finally brought out something worth buying! The Dell Inspiron Duo Tablet Netbook is definitely one hot piece of hybrid technology…in my personal opinion, of course!

It closely resembles a regular laptop, only difference is this Dell Inspiron Duo Tablet Netbook actually features a tablet as its monitor. The tablet can be pushed out and swiveled around within the frame of the screen. Convenient as both a netbook and a tablet, this interesting hybrid is definitely worth a look.

Dell have yet to release a price. Hopefully sometime in the near future we will find out! I totally heart this!